Imagination is a muscle that has to be exercised otherwise it will lose its ability to create and bring things alive. Many at times young people tend to use it for other activities such as watching TV, pornographies, surfing the internet, and some other form of indulgement. Hence, their imaginative power becomes atrophied over an extended period due to a lack of engagement.

Repeatedly, people imagine what they don't want because they are most often oblivious of the deep truth that imagination is one of the greatest faculty that God has blessed a man with. If you can imagine, then you will get it. Begin to imagine that you are a great reader; set your mind on it continuously. Act like the person you want to become.

Everyone has an instinctive ability to be creative; that is how we have been prewired. The painful thing is that some have decided to use theirs more than others.

Bob proctor calls the imagination "The greatest nation in the world".

Let reading stimulate your …


Have you been contemplating about what you would say, when at an interview you are asked “Who are YOU”? Are YOU wondering about how to promote your personal brand in order to stand out in this competitive world? Perhaps, YOU have many plans, big dreams and ambitions you desire to achieve but you don’t how. Or maybe, YOU have heard that “your network is your net worth” and hence you’re curious to have an in-depth knowledge on what networking is all about. Dear reader, you’ve found the right book to arm you with the understanding it takes to make you clear-headed, confident, competent, courageous, complete and calmed to enter into any interview room without any fear, and to be outstanding that employers would crave for.
With grace and gut-level honesty, Helina Siripi declares that IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU is for YOU to rediscover your value as well as the true power YOU possess to be successful in this life and to determine your eternal destiny.
Helina Siripi is a social act…


How you connect learning to your leadership career in this day and age is an ever-expanding scope since the world is literally moving and changing on a very fast pace. If there has ever been any generation that has experienced such a massive level of dynamism; I think it is this generation. But some people are so backward that it will take an extreme amount of work and effort to help them catch up with their fellow career counterpart. For reasons that they ain't learning and making research to actually keep up with all the recent technological trends in their fields.
You need more ways to diversify your learning since the focuses of it are ever-expanding.

1. Be more flexible to knowledge and information especially those areas related to your career or chosen field of interest.

2. Become more concern about learning something new every day.
I think there should come a time in your career when you really have to be ready for a shift in paradigm. Until you mature to that level; you …


Pastor Dami Oguntunde writing style is as winsome as his oratorical flare I must say. With powerful Biblical anecdotes as it relates to every subject matter.

Pathfinder consists of about ten chapters: "Redefining greatness", Purpose; the promise and the process", "Understanding time", "The four ultimate seasons in destiny", "The power of relationships", among many others.

In the book is embedded wisdom as it relates to the age-old subject; purpose discovery. Reading this book is really going to disrupt and bring an end to all the ranging argument that has been going on in your head concerning this matter. "Purpose is more than a journey, it
 is a combination of the promise and the process", Says Dami Oguntude.

When I first picked up this text, I had a lot of personal questions that I needed answers for such as; which aspects of the conversation on this subject is really missing? Does the book really contain potential relevant eno…


The obsession to learn is an incredible privilege everyone should imbibe.
It is an attitude that you should cultivate and develop with time so you can begin to do it with ease. If you are not passionate about learning; forget about leading. Leadership emerges from knowing how to navigate your way through learning.

 Forget about pieces of stuff like, wow! I don't like books... In fact, I just want to learn from my own experience. Incredible! So how long do you want to live? All your life spent together cannot give you all the experience needed for you to do extraordinary things; you've got to leverage the experiences of others as well.

 "If I have seen further than other men, it's because I have stood on the shoulders of giants" (Isaac Newton).

"Learning makes you unfit for ignorance". Learning can be through books, people, situations...etc; that is what makes the journey enjoyable; You learn from different sources.

"If you can learn something new …


The Christian race is a potential one likened to the marathon race. It has to do with precept after precept, but on a steady upward and forward race in glory. The pattern and prescription of our race is predetermined by God, the maker of life. But man must cooperate with God and show interest in remaining steadfast while the race last
Why do Christians backslide is a book fully inspired by the Holy Spirit, to combat one of the world’s most greatest battles where so many think they stand and they have missed it and are backslidden, although they still manifest spiritual gifts because the gift of God is without repentance.
The book, ‘’ why do Christians backslide?’’ chronicled the fall from faith, examined: Backsliding, Impatience, Disobedience, Lack of Vision, Lack of purpose and lust of the flesh as signs to prayerfully watch out for. You must be willing to embrace the challenges of life, live your best and take responsibility for purpose accomplishment in life. This book present how…


A friend sticks closer than a brother especially for your well-being and that is what books can do for you as well.When you starts going through challenges,there are books also peculiar to those challenges just because there is nothing new on earth; people have gone through it before. A friends true advice is a therapy, so also is a good book. Stick to good books and you will be glad you did.

The kind of books you read inform your decision making ability and can lead to a growth level such as.


When you read, you will begin to connect with people, life and situations on a deeper level, since you are going to be having a broader perspective as to how they now think and relate as well.
 Books are your friends because every subject has a language that can connect to both your powerful emotions and your analytical minds.

Every author teaches a different level of consciousness and we are all part of the same one consciousness which is God. Saturate your room and environme…